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F-15C Eagle

F-15C Eagle Type: Tactical air superiority fighter (4th generation) Primary Contractor: Used to be McDonnell Douglas, now Boeing First Flight: February 1978 Year Deployed: 1979 Entered Active Service: 1979 Unit cost: 29.9 million dollars Crew: 1


-Length: 19.43 m (63.75 ft) -Wingspan: 13.05 m (42.81 ft) -Height: 5.63 m (18.47 ft) -Internal Fuel Capacity: 6,103 kg (13,455 lb) -Wing Area: 56.5 m² (608 ft²)


-Empty Weight: 12,700 kg (28,000 lb) -Loaded Weight: 20,200 kg (44,500 lb) -Payload: 7,300 kg (16,000 lb) -Max. Takeoff Weight: 30,845 kg (68,000 lb)

Max. Load to Wing Area: 358 kg/m² (71.3 lb/ft²) Engines: 2 Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-100, or F100-PW-220, or F100-PW-229. All are afterburning turbofans

Dry Thrust:

F-100-PW-100: 77.62 kiloNewton (17,450 lbf) each engine F-100-PW-220: 77.62 kiloNewton (17,450 lbf) each engine F-100-PW-229: 77.62 kiloNewton (17,450 lbf) each engine

Afterburning (“wet”) thrust:

F-100-PW-100: 106 kiloNewtons (23,830 lbf) F-100-PW-220: 111.2 kiloNewtons (25,000 lbf) each engine F-100-PW-229: 129 kiloNewtons (29,000 lbf) each engine Thrust/Weight (with 100% fuel): 1.12 with the F-100-PW-220 engines, or 1.3 with the F-100-PW-229 engines


-Max. Speed: -At high altitude: Over Mach 2.5 (over 2,660 km/h, 1,450 knots, 1,650 mph) -At low altitude: Mach 1.2 (1,450 km/h, 783 knots, 900 mph) -Cruise Speed: Unknown

Range (no refueling)

-Combat Radius (flying while fully armed): 1,967 km (1,061 nautical miles, 1,222 miles) -Ferry Range (flying with optional fuel tanks, no ordnance): 5,550 km (3,000 nautical miles, 3,450 miles) with conformal fuel tanks and 3 external fuel tanks -Max. Flying Height (“Ceiling”): 20,000 m (65,000 ft)

Maneuvering Capability

-Durability: Unknown -Max. Alpha: Unknown



One 6 barreled 20 mm (0.787 inch) M61Vulcan cannon

Air to Air:

(up to 8 missiles in each payload combination)-Up to 4 Aim-7F/M Sparrows (225 kg, or 500 lb each) -Up to 4 Aim-9L/M Sidewinders (91 kg, or 190 lb each) -Up to 4 Aim-120 AMRAAMs (152 kg, or 335 lb each)

Air to Surface:

-Up to 4 AGM-88 HARM (High Speed Anti-radiation Missile) missiles (360 kg, or 790 lb each). Because it uses different bays than all other 8 air-to-air missiles, it can be equipped in addition to them. No. of serving aircraft (only the exact type/variant): 482


-United States, United States Air Force - Total of 408 F-15Cs -Israel, Israeli Air Force - Total of 17 F-15Cs (renamed “Baz”, and received upgrades) -Saudi Arabia, Royal Saudi Air Force- Total of 57 F-15Cs

Additional updates and improvements:

The F-15C is basically an improved version of the single-seat F-15A. It has better avionics, more fuel capacity (included in the new Production Eagle Package (PEP 2000), higher takeoff weight, and updated central computer, radar, threat warning systems, fire control and weapons.

Distinct Avionics:

F-15C Eagle